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VIP memberships go on sale 1 May!  If you are interested in this very popular program you must act quickly once the window is open as memberships (and cards) are limited.  Benefits of the program are as follows...


Membership Administration – The VIP Membership Program is a recurring, annual program with a limited number of memberships (cards) available.  To become a member, a $1000 gift card must be purchased to be used at your discretion.  As a key benefit of the program we will add an additional "bonus" to the card of $300.  Simply put, buy a $1000 gift card and we will give you a $1300 gift card! Once our quota is reached, the window will close and planned membership sales (and extra gift cards) will end for the year.  As a reminder, the memberships are annual but the gift cards NEVER expire.


Additional Gift Cards -  Since many of you bought extra cards last year, we added an additional benefit to the program this year.  If you have the need for and are considering purchasing additional cards for the year, we will add an additional bonus to extra cards.  For the second card purchased we will add a $350 bonus and for the 3rd and additional cards purchased we will add a $400 bonus.  But...the cards must be purchased when the window is open.


Members Cocktail Party – Cass Cay will host a cocktail party for each VIP member and a guest twice a year...Summer and Winter.  Food (hors d'oeuvres) and "happy hour" drinks will be provided by us.


Dinner on the Deck – Off season (1 May to 1 Oct) we will do our best to reserve any table on the deck for our VIP members that would like to have DINNER on the deck.  In season (2 Oct to 30 April) we will hold a limited number of tables on the deck for our VIP members (with up to 3 guests) to have DINNER on the deck.  Although we don’t care what time your reservation is for, we are asking that reservations are made prior to 4PM so we can plan accordingly.  Please understand, the purpose of the reservation is to allow our VIP members the option to enjoy dinner on the deck.  We ask that you don’t reserve tables for entertainment or other functions.


Discount Mondays (Thursdays if we are closed on Mondays) -  VIP members and a guest receive a 20% discount off your check every Monday (or Thursday if we are closed on Monday).  No other discounts added please.


Cass Cay T-Shirts -  Each VIP member will receive 2 limited production Cass Cay VIP T-Shirts.


Member Referrals – this year we will give a $50 gift card for any NEW members that join our program as a result of a referral. Just make sure the new members let us know you referred them!


Remember...this is a very popular program.  Act quickly once the window is open to secure your membership before we sell out! Please pass this on to anyone you feel might enjoy the program. Email or call with any questions! Thanks again for the support...Bill/Roz/Cassandra/Dave




3200 Matecumbe Key Road · Punta Gorda, FL 33955 · 941.347.7148

Hours: Kitchen is open 7 days a week from 11am - 9pm