Update from Cass Cay


LIVE ENTERTAINMENT  for the week of 18 March is as follows…


Monday at 6:30 PM...BAR BINGO


Tuesday at 6:30 PM... KARAOKE


Wednesday at 6:30 PM...TRIVIA (Teams of 8 MAX Please)


Thursday at 6:30 PM...ACOUSTIC FIRE


Friday at 6:30 PM...STEVE FLAGG


Saturday at 6:30 PM…SIREN SAYS ROCK


Sunday at 4:00 PM...MICHAEL D’AMORE




Click the calendar for the whole month



Unfortunately, with Easter coming so late this year we will not be able to provide our annual Easter buffet.  The buffets are very labor intensive and we simply do not know what our staffing levels will be at that time.  As most of you know, many of our employees leave for other opportunities as things start to slow down.  But...we will be open as usual and we will have suitable specials to celebrate the special day.  More details to follow.



As many of our VIP members are still here, we will host our next VIP party on Thursday the 4th of April from 2PM to 4PM in the dining room.  As always, “Happy Hour Drinks", Appetizers and Entertainment will be complimentary!  Additionally, we will offer 20% off your entire ticket for the VIP member and a guest if you decide to stay for dinner...yes...dinner.  Although not required, if you plan on staying for dinner it would be helpful if you made reservations so we can staff it properly.



We are planning on opening the window to join the (2019/2020) membership program around the end of April for a 1 May annual start date.  Mark the date if you are interested as memberships are limited, ONLY OFFERED DURING THIS TIME PERIOD and sold based on a first come, first served basis.  Here are some program highlights....


  • Buy a $1000 gift card and we will add an additional $300 to it as a bonus, buy a second card and we will add a $350 bonus...we are limiting our sales to 2 cards max this year per VIP member.
  • HOWEVER...as we are limiting the cards to a maximum of 2 this year, CURRENT members will be allowed to purchase (reload) cards in August and December with the same bonus plan mentioned above.
  • 3 VIP party’s a year for the VIP member and a guest, “Happy Hour Drinks”, Appetizers and Entertainment are all complimentary (FREE)!
  • 25% off your entire ticket every Monday...due to limited quantities, entrees over $18 are excluded this year.




We highly encourage reservations this time of year, especially if you plan on dining with large parties.




To make sure all of our customers have the opportunity to enjoy our deck seating, we are implementing the following seating policies on the deck.  After 4PM Monday through Saturday and after 3PM on Sunday...



  •  4 people must be present to HOLD a 6 place table.
  • 2 people must be present to HOLD a 4 place table.
  • Additional chairs will only be added to the table when all guests arrive
  • Tables will not be pushed together until the entire party arrives


Please don’t send multiple small groups to hold tables (or chairs) until the bigger groups arrive.  VIPs can still reserve your tables for dinner as always...no change for the VIP program.




Visit our web site for additional updates.  Let us know if you would like to be added to our growing email list for specials, updates, etc.  And as always…feel free to contact us directly on my cell at (203) 893-0199 or email GM@casscayrestaurant.com with any issues, concerns or questions you might have.


Thank you for the continued support...Bill, Roz, Dave and Cassandra







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